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Maïtô is a painter, an illustrator and a movie concept artist.


Maïtô is a painter, an illustrator and a movie concept artist.

Fascinated by nature and trees from an early age, she observes and tries to understand the world around her, its poetry, its fragility and its transience. She seeks to capture the theatricality of the moment, of a landscape, of a scene or an attitude, by drawing on the spot or from memory in her many sketchbooks.


Her studies in scenography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris confirm her work in painting and connect it to the worlds of theatre and cinema. After being an illustrator for museography, Maïtô became a concept artist for movie set designers in 2007. She has contributed to the sets of many films such as “La Princesse de Montpensier” by Bertrand Tavernier, “La Promesse de l’aube” by Éric Barbier, “Au-revoir là-haut » by Albert Dupontel or “Aline” by Valérie Lemercier. She has developped her palette and her point of view. Light and framing, the harmony of colors inspire her painting like painting guides her for cinema.

Maïtô explores the beauty and forces of nature, through trees and forests, but also the sea, Brittany and Normandy.


In 2016, Maïtô joined the artists’ collective “La Fonderie”, based in Fontenay-sous-Bois (94) and with whom she exhibits her works regularly : Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, Halle Roublot, Espace Jour et Nuit Culture in Paris 6th... Her works have entered private collections in France, Belgium and Croatia.



Maïtô’s work seeks to convey the theatricality of the world around us.

Nature and its landscapes, trees in particular, the strength of the elements, but also everyday life and people are the actors of the show. Canvas and paper become a stage, a cinema set where an orchestrated drama is performed.


Nourished by Turner’s light and Delacroix’ pictural ardour, Maïtô is marked by the colours and the poetry of the contemporary painter Chu The-Chun too.

Influenced by cinema and animated films, she explores the art of framing, contrast and colour at the service of narration.


Maïtô draws her inspiration from life and reality to tend toward an imaginary world.

Light, the right and refined line express the depth of space and the emotion of the scene. Some limited colour palettes, sometimes bright, sometimes muffled, reveal the nature of the drama. Maïtô begins a dialogue with canvas and material, she uses oil painting or ink painting accidents to create landscapes and new shapes. Her pastel drawings make bright colours vibrate when her pencil drawings shape light and material.


Faced with her works, the spectator is caught up in lights with intense coloured ranges that carry him into a positive thought.

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